Project: "Human Rights and Peace-Building - Different Agendas but the Same Goal?"

Project: "Human Rights and Peace-Building - Different Agendas but the Same Goal?"

The purpose of this major project was to address how human rights and peace-building relate to each other, on both the theoretical and the practical level, to provide insights and experiences yhat would be useful for theory-building as well as for education, and professional work in development cooperation.

The project finished its work in the academic year 2008-2009. During the course of the project occasional papers and shorter texts related to the overall theme of the project were published.

At the moment the following project reports are available for download as .pdf files, in Swedish, English or Spanish.

1. Mänskliga rättigheter och fredsbyggande – skilda agendor men samma mål? (“Human Rights and Peace-Building – Different Agendas but the Same Goal?") 
This report is a presentation, in Swedish, of the research project with the same name. Authors: Göran Gunner and Kjell-Åke Nordquist. Click to download this report

2. The Crossroads of Human Rights and Peace-Building – an ongoing debate.
This report, in English, is an inventory of the issues and dimensions that come to the fore in situations where both human rights and peace-building perspectives are applied by agencies and organisations in the field. These apparently complementary perspectives do not always fit together in concrete situations, where resources are scarce and priorities have to be made. How can this situation be dealt with?
Author: Kjell-Åke Nordquist. Click to download this report

3. Att konfronteras med sitt våldsamma förflutna för en hållbar fred – Israel och Palestina(“To be confronted with a violent past for a durable peace – Israel and Palestine”)
This report, in Swedish, compares peace proposals and agreements over the last decades, in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. In particular, the dimensions of reconciliation are analysed and discussed. Author: Jaana Rokka. Click to download this report

4. Derechos Humanos y Construccon de Paz - Un mismo objetivo, agendas diferentes? (“Human Rights and Peace-Building – The same objective but different agendas?”)
This report, in Spanish, is a collection of papers contributed by a number of non-governmental organizations in Guatemala and Colombia. Following several seminars in 2007 - these organizations reflected on their own work and their experiences of the overlap of human rights and peace-building – something that can lead to both cooperation and conflict. What does it mean for the everyday life of its citizens  to build peace in a country where human rights have been violated throughout history?
Editors: Göran Gunner and Kjell-Åke Nordquist. Click to download this report

5. No Shortcuts to Peace - International Development Cooperation, Human Rights, and Peacebuilding. A documentation and some reflections on a Human Rights-based approach to Peace and Security. 
In this report the question of human rights and peace-building is considered from a development perspective. The author has extensive experience in national and international development work and uses examples from his work to illuminate the on-going discussion of the overlap and potential tension between human rights and peace-building. This offers a good illustration of the overall problem, and creates a challenging text for the reader to digest.
Author: Ingmar Armyr. Click to download this report

6. Justice and Reconcilation- Two Contexts, Two Reflections.
Presentations given at the Swedish Forum for Human Rights, November 2007, Stockholm, Sweden. Click to download this report

7. Rättighetsperspektivet och fredsbyggande. Om mänskliga rättighetsperspektivet i fred och säkerhet och konfliktkänslighet i mänskliga rättighetsperspektivet
(Human Rights Based Approach and Peacebuilding Two-Track Methods: The Human Rights Perspective in Peace and Security and Conflict Sensitivity in the Human Rights Perspective)
This report, in Swedish, is a thoughtful reflection on the linkage between human rights and peacebuilding, Ingmar Armyr brings in this report his long-term service within international development to work into a frame of reference that relates, among others, to Dag Hammarskjöld. The report takes its point of departure in the debate between the concepts of ”justice” and ”peace” – a global debate based on a dichotomy that simplifies realities and for that does not make justice towards any of the two. Click to download this report