Priest and Religious Educator: Join our Professional Programs

Priest and Religious Educator: Join our Professional Programs

Those who want to serve in the Church need a training that equips them academically, practically and spiritually. Therefore we have designed a vocational program in which we have integrated academic studies at Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm), with practical studies at Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola. Students are enrolled as members of Sankt Ignatios College. The first part of the program is integrated with a Bachelor in Theology degree, and ends with a Pastoral/Pedagogical qualification. This is the requirement for the ministry as a priest, and also equips students with the pedagogical skills needed to become Sunday School teachers or to take up certain other teaching positions. The second part of the program is integrated with a Master of Theology degree and leads to a professional qualification as a Religious Educator. This equips the students with the necessary skills for teaching at local theological seminaries or serving as theological advisers at national and diocesan level, as well as supporting advanced teaching among priests and other positions in parishes and in public schools. Enrolment in the Religious Educator Program requires a Bachelor of Theology degree in Eastern Christian Studies or a degree in another relevant field of study with a specialization in Eastern Christian Studies. If you are unsure if you have the necessary qualifications, please ask our Academic Dean, Anne-Christine Lindvall, for guidance.

Upon enrolment in Sankt Ignatios College, students are automatically registered at both Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm) and at Sankt Ignatios Folkhögskola. Each of our students also belongs to a seminary where they live and study together with other students and where they can relate their studies to their own tradition. Sankt Ignatios College has four seminaries: Sankt Ignatios Coptic Orthodox Seminary, Sankt Ignatios Syriac Orthodox Seminary, Sankt Ignatios Byzantine Orthodox Seminary, and Sankt Ignatios Tewahedo Orthodox Seminary. Each seminary has its own rector, who is either a bishop or priest. Some courses are taught in common with students from other seminaries, usually at our campus in Södertälje, while some courses are specific to a particular Orthodox tradition and are taught within the seminaries. Most academic courses are taught in common with other students at Stockholm School of Theology (University College Stockholm).

At Sankt Ignatios College our mission is to equip a new generation of priests and educators for the Churches. We seek to equip our students with a strong basis in the roots and history of their own traditions along with the ability to effectively communicate those vital insights in a challenging and rapidly-changing world.

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