TEOPD Religious Educator/Malphono/Marigeta, Eastern Christian Studies,, 300.0 Credits
Religious Educator/Malphono/Marigeta, Eastern Christian Studies,, 300.0 Credits
Theology program
Autumn 2019/2020 Aug - Jun (w35-w23). Daytime 100 % at Campus Södertälje. Language English.
Admission at universityadmissions.se or antagning.se, admission code: TKND6
Entry requirements
General requirements for university studies
Education Level
First cycle
The studies are full-time and take six years. The first two years will take place at Sankt Ignatios College in Södertälje. During this period you will study academic courses as well as college courses (folk high school). You study together with others from various Orthodox traditions, but with good opportunities to focus on your own tradition. You will study subjects such as:
• Pastoral theology
• Practical liturgics (Syriac, Byzantine, Coptic, Tewahedo)
• Pedagogy
• Church languages, your own and Greek.
• Church history
• Sources of the faith: The apostolic scriptures (including the Bible), patristics, liturgics and ecclesiology.

From the third year and onwards most courses will be facilitated at Stockholm School of Theology. Here you will take courses such as:
• Text, context and interpretation
• Philosophy, theology and mission in the history of the church
• The history of the Eastern and Oriental Churches
• Eastern and Oriental Christian liturgics and ecclesiology
• Methodology
• Bachelor thesis

While you take the academic courses during year three and four, you will continue with your education and training at the community college as well as studying your church language. You can read more about the courses which are included in the programs at www.sanktignatios.org or http://ehs.se/eastern-christian-studies

There will be certain activities and courses scheduled during some weekends.

The studies require that you are qualified to study at university level. Sankt Ignatios is an international milieu and the lectures and the discussions take place both in Swedish and in English with support from students and teachers. The academic courses are taught in English.
Additional Directives
Application by citizens from outside the EU will take place on a special form found at www.sanktignatios.org or email info@santignatios.org to have an application sent to you. This should be done as soon as possible. The applicant is responsible to make sure that he or she has all the permissions necessary to be able to study at community college in Sweden.
Confirmed by the Theology Faculty Board at University College Stockholm 2016-01-26
Revised 2018-11-14