TEOKN Bachelor's Program in Theology, Eastern Christian Studies, 180.0 Credits
Theology program
Autumn 2018/2019 Aug - Nov (w35-w44). Daytime 100 % at Campus Bromma. Language English.
Admission at universityadmissions.se or antagning.se, admission code: TKND4
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First cycle
In this three-year bachelor’s program students acquire a solid understanding of orthodox theology and tradition, and enter into the scientific discourse that comprises the field of Eastern Christian Studies.

For a long time, Orthodox churches have lived under the oppression of totalitarian regimes, which has greatly influenced and obstructed their educational traditions. This bachelor’s program plays a foundational role in our mission to reestablish and increase the level of knowledge about, and within, the Orthodox Churches both in Sweden and internationally.

Education entails more than the mere acquisition of knowledge. It also concerns our understanding and use of knowledge. This program takes an emancipatory perspective whereby education helps to identify and question oppressive patterns that have arisen as a consequence of living in contexts of limited freedom. By becoming established in tradition while simultaneously being equipped with scientific tools, students are encouraged to engage in the dynamic process that is living tradition.

The syllabus of this program is included in several of our longer programs but can also be taken independently.

The first year comprises the following courses:
Introduction to the Bible and Religion
Theology and Church History
History of Eastern Christianity: Mission and Development
Text, Context and Interpretation of life
Peace, Conflict and Religion
History of Eastern Christianity: The Church after the Soviet Union and the Arabic Spring

The second year comprises the following courses:
The World Religions
Introduction to Patristic Studies
Human Rights and Foundations of International Law
Eastern Christian Theology (Byzantine/Coptic/Syriac/Tewahedo)
Introduction to Eastern Christian Ecclesiology
Introduction to Eastern Liturgical Studies
The Gospels and the Letters of Paul
Sacred Texts of Eastern Christianity

The third and final year comprises the following courses:
Eastern Christian Liturgies
Ecclesiology and Canon Law in Eastern Christianity
Applied Psychology of religion and Applied Pedagogy of religion
Methodology – Eastern Christian Studies
Bachelor’s thesis

The program leads to a bachelor's degree in theology with a focus on Eastern Christian studies.
Confirmed by the Theology Faculty Board at University College Stockholm 2016-01-26