5IN485 Patristics: Sources and Methods, 7.5 Credits
Eastern Christian Theology, Church History
Autumn 2019/2020 Nov - Jan (w45-w03). Daytime 50 % at Campus Bromma. Language English.
Admission at universityadmissions.se or antagning.se, admission code: IN485
Entry requirements
A Bachelor's degree in Theology(equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) from an internationally recognized university. Proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognized test, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS or the equivalent
Education Level
Second cycle
The course provides a general understanding and knowledge of the first one thousand years of Christianity. Theological trends and individual church fathers are considered, as well as the philosophical background. Particular emphasis is put on methods and sources.
At the end of the course, the student is expected to:
• be able to make a connection between theological trends and individual church fathers
• display considerable insight in the general theological topics in the first millenia
• demonstrate considerable knowledge about the timeline in the first millenia of Eastern Christianity
• reflect critically on the variety of methods in patristic studies..
McGuckin, John Anthony, 2017. The Path of Christianity. The First Thousand Years. Westmont, Illinois: Inter Varsity Press (1280 pp.).

Selected papers on sources and methods.
Exam Types
Seminars, Written examination.
Grading Types
A = Excellent, B = Very good, C = Good, D = Satisfactory, E = Sufficient, FX = Insufficient, F = Insufficient
Additional Directives
Attendance at lectures and seminars is mandatory at Stockholm School of Theology.
Confirmed by the Theology Faculty Board at University College Stockholm 2018-12-19