5IN171 The Early Church, 7.5 Credits
Eastern Christian Theology, Church History
Autumn 2019/2020 Aug - Nov (w35-w44). Daytime 50 % at Campus Södertälje. Language English.
Admission at universityadmissions.se or antagning.se, admission code: IN171
Entry requirements
General requirements for university studies
Education Level
First cycle
The course addresses the main issues in the development of Christianity in the first three centuries, starting as a small movement within Judaism in Palestine and developing over the centuries into the dominant religion of the Mediterranean. The course describes the religious and social history of Christianity in its various competing forms addressing several problems from doctrinal to institutional history.
At the end of the course, the student is expected to:
• critically assess the earliest witnesses of Christianity
• contextualize Judaism and early Christianity and their respective developments and identify Jewish traits in early Christianity
• describe the emerging structures of the Early Church in Eastern Christianity
• demonstrate an understanding of the connection between Eucharist and Church in its various eastern sources.
Ehrman, Bart D. , 2015. After the New Testament. A Reader in Early Christianity. 100–300 CE. Oxford & New York, NY: Oxford University Press (557 pp).( Excerpts)

Fredriksen, Paula, 2018. When Christians were Jews. The First Generation. New Haven & London: Yale University Press (182 pp.).

Klawans, Jonathan, 2000. Impurity and Sin in Ancient Judaism. Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press (162 pp.) Available as E-book via EbscoHost.
Gabriel Bar-Sawme, Daniel Öhrvall
Exam Types
Take-home examination, Written examination, Seminars.
Grading Types
A = Excellent, B = Very good, C = Good, D = Satisfactory, E = Sufficient, FX = Insufficient, F = Insufficient
Additional Directives
Attendance at lectures and seminars is mandatory at Stockholm School of Theology.
Confirmed by the Theology Faculty Board at University College Stockholm 2018-12-19