To new students who have been offered admissions to a course or program at University College Stockholm (Enskilda Högskolan Stockholm) in

Eastern Christian Studies

You can see what course or program you have been offered admission to at University College Stockholm at or Please do not forget to accept your offer of admission to studies via one of these two sites by July 26.

Welcome! At this time, we would like to inform you of some general matters concerning studying at University College Stockholm. In August, more detailed information will be sent to you.


Mandatory attendance

Note that class attendance is mandatory. This includes lectures as well as seminars and group work. Full-time studies is equal to 40 hours per week. The scheduled classes are just a part of your studies. Further time is needed for reading and studying course literature as well as writing and other tasks. If it is the first time you study at college, it is particularly important that you set aside time for your studies.


For those who have a disability

In order to be able to arrange for special educational support, it is important that you submit a medical certificate, speech therapist examination record or other documentation that confirms your permanent disability. The registration is made via a form on our website (in Swedish so you may need to use a translator, such as Google translate): Pedagogical support.

You can also contact the coordinator for special pedagogical support if you have questions:


Required course literature

It is very important that you obtain course literature well in advance of each course start. In order for you to be able to read all the literature and take well advantage of the courses, access to the course literature is essential. The library has course literature that can be borrowed, but only for very short periods. Therefore, most students buy the course literature themselves. Here are some helpful links:

Course descriptions and literature lists for courses (mainly in Swedish): Kurskatalog.

Information about University College Stockholm’s library: Library.


Student information via e-mail

The university uses e-mail to send information to you. We send to the email address you have entered on and therefore it is important that you keep your contact information on updated.


Student login to Ladok (grading system) and Canvas (course homepages)

University College Stockholm is connected to the national grading system LADOK where courses and grades are registered. There you can take out verifiable certificates of your registrations and results yourself. Ladok is connected to The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN, the Swedish government agency that approves student government financing).

University College Stockholm uses the Canvas learning platform for course homepages. Teachers puts up course details, study material and information about the course.

To log in to Ladok and Canvas, you must obtain an eduID, a kind of e-ID for the university world. After the second selection, your admission and your contact details are transferred to Ladok and then you can log on to Canvas yourself. You create your account at EduIDIf you do not have a Swedish personal identification number, you cannot obtain an eduID and you will need to contact the course administrator ( for help with registration and access to Canvas (course homepages).


Student web

The student web has important information. For example, there are links to the programs' pages, info on current scholarships, internships etc. (in Swedish): Student web.


Student Union and compulsory membership fee

The Student Union participates actively in the educational development at University College Stockholm. Membership in the student union is mandatory. The membership fee is paid a few weeks after the start of the course when an invoice is sent by e-mail to all students. More information about this can be found here (in Swedish): Student union membership.


Personal data processing - students

University College Stockholm processes personal data in accordance with Swedish law. When you receive your personal data registered or otherwise processed, you are entitled to certain information that we would like to hereby provide you with: Processing of personal data.


Additional information for new students

Under NEW STUDENT, there is additional information about studying at University College Stockholm. There are also directions at this site (in Swedish): Additional information.


Welcome to University College Stockholm!