TEOPA Pastoral program, Eastern Christian Studies, 180.0 Credits
Pastoral program, Eastern Christian Studies, 180.0 Credits
Autumn 2018/2019 Aug - Nov (w35-w44). Language English.
Admission at universityadmissions.se or antagning.se, admission code: TKND5
Entry requirements
General requirements for university studies
Education Level
First cycle
A four-year program that establishes a solid foundation in orthodox theology, and focuses on the candidate's formation as a spiritual and communicative leader. The program leads to a bachelor's degree in theology with a focus on Eastern Christian studies as well as a vocational qualification in pastoral ministry.
The pastoral and the religious educator programs begin with two years at the college. These two years are counted towards 60 university credits, which is the equivalent of one year of full-time studies at university level, but in general the college utilizes the structure of the folkhögskola.The college is a hybrid between university studies and seminary studies. In the theological courses methods both from the University as well as the Folkhögskola are used. Relating to the University studies are conducted with the aim of generating new knowledge through using the principles attached to academic life, such as the use of sources, theory and method. Relating to the Folkhögskola the aim is to equip the students to integrate knowledge in the their own life and thoughts, empowering them to take responsibility and widen the horizon of their life-world.

As the student progresses from the college to the academy in the third year, a shift takes place from the personal development to the subject matter. So if personal formation and integration of knowledge has been the focus at the college, this changes at the academy. In addition to learning and widening the horizon of knowledge the following principles guide the studies at the academy:
• Academic Freedom
• Integrity
• Collegiality
• Critical thinking

There are also certain activities and courses scheduled during some weekends. Those who study the pastoral program have to live at the seminary for a year in order to take part of the community life at Sankt Ignatios’ priest seminaries.
The studies require that you are qualified to study at university level. For the pastoral program, you must also pass an admissions interview.
Additional Directives
Application by citizens from outside the EU will take place on a special form found at www.sanktignatios.org or email info@santignatios.org to have an application sent to you. The application period is January 15th - February 15th. Detaild information about the application can be found at the website of Santk Ignatios Theological Academy: http://www.sanktignatios.org/en/antagning.html?v=1.1185
The applicant is responsible to make sure that he or she has all the permissions necessary to be able to study at community college in Sweden.
Students from outside the European union can't apply for this program at universityadmissions.se but only through www.sanktignatios.org

Confirmed by Ämnesföreträdarkollegiet vid Teologiska högskolan Stockholm 2016-01-26