Torsdag 12 april 2018


Bibelvetenskapliga föreläsningar 12 april 2018

Susan Gillingham 

Kl 13.00-14.30, sal 219

Writing a Reception History Commentary: Aims, Methods and Resources

Susan Gillingham University of Oxford

Sue Gillingham is Professor of the Hebrew Bible at the University of Oxford and Fellow and Tutor in Theology at Worcester College, Oxford. She is currently involved with a two-year interdisciplinary research project, under the auspices of TORCH, entitled ‘The Oxford Psalms Network’. Her general interests are music, art, and travel,  especially when each relates to her research interests,  and gardening, with the challenge of maintaining a small (two-tier) Mediterranean-style garden (with fountains) in the heart of Oxford. Her research interests are Hebrew poetry; biblical prophecy; Israelite religion before and after the exile; biblical archaeology; biblical hermeneutics; the literary shaping of the Psalter; and, most especially, the aims and methods of reception history with reference to the Psalms, and the liturgical, artistic, musical and literary representations of psalmody, both in Jewish and Christian tradition.

Paus 14.30-15.00

Gitte Buch-Hansen 

Kl 15.00-16.30, sal 219 

Exegesis and Ethnography: Biblical Grammar in Contemporary Migrants’
Life Stories

Gitte Buch-Hansen University of Copenhagen

Gitte Buch-Hansen is associate professor of New Testament Studies at the Faculty of Theology, University of Copenhagen, and the chair of the Center for the Reception of the Bible at the Section of Biblical Exegesis. Her scholarly interests run along these two trajectories. As a scholar of Early Christianity and Judaism, her research is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, which combines Classical and Hellenistic philosophy and gender studies. This perspective often leads to new readings of well-versed texts like Paul’s letters and John’s Gospel. As a scholar of Biblical reception, her recent work among converting refugees have convinced her that the Biblical scholar must move beyond the study of texts and engage in fieldwork. During the last couple of years, she has published several articles about the use of Biblical narratives in converting asylum-seekers life-stories. Finally, as a passionate beekeeper, she is currently involved in an interdisciplinary project about bees and biodiversity aiming (as well) at the installment of beehives at the University Campus.


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