April 22, 2019
Är det försent att lova jorden vår lojalitet?
Bild på planeten Jorden

Vissa forskare lyckas alltid få de mest abstrakt filosofiska material att tala rakt in i den konkreta verklighet där de behövs som mest. Gary Shapiro är en sådan. Så här inledde han en föreläsning nyligen:

In 1873 Nietzsche wrote a famous fable about the human intellect and its place in nature. It begins:

In some remote corner of the universe, flickering in the light of the countless solar systems into which it had been poured, there was once a planet on which clever animals invented cognition. It was the most arrogant and mendacious minute in "world-history"; but a minute was all it was. After nature had drawn just a few more breaths the planet froze and the clever animals had to die.

Today Nietzsche could have added this: well before the sun consumed itself and the planet froze, these all too clever animals deployed their invention of cognition to devise tools, construct engines, overpopulate the earth, make war upon one another on industrial scale, detonate atomic weapons, pollute lakes, rivers and oceans, turn forests into wastelands, and exhaust much of the soil. They burned trillions of tons of other animals' fossils, overloading the air with carbon They overheated their habitat, provoking the sixth great extinction of earthly life, pushing their vaunted civilization to a precarious brink, subjecting many to flood, drought, starvation, and disease. Long before the planet froze, the few survivors declared science and technology to be forbidden practices. "World-history," if remembered at all, was seen as a sinful episode for which their shrinking populations would be atoning until they too disappeared. 

                      Is it too late now to pledge loyalty to the Earth?


Påsken utvecklades under de första kristna århundradena till att bli den högtid då inkarnationens mysterium fullbordas. Gud dör här på planeten jorden, under de villkor vi lever under. Mellan fjädrar, ägg och godis, orkar vi en sak till. I elfte timmen. Att lova jorden vår lojalitet?


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